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Whilst we prepare and interpret management accounts for you, we realise the role that your staff play in ensuring that store profitability/EBITDA is maximised.

We will encourage and guide your team to ensure that employee awareness and skillset are appropriately aligned to the financial flightpath for your business.



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What we do

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Complete Back Office outsourced services

  • Complete book keeping solution - Including Statutory flings and Payroll Bureau.

  • Management accounts - Whitethorn prepare, present and interpret management account reports that are aligned to calendar periods that suit the needs of your business.

  • At Whitethorn Retail, Management accounts serve 50% as a historic scorecard and 50% as a guide to prioritising work programs for the following management period.

Weekly KPI Reporting - Whitethorn Dynamic Business Intelligence (DBI)

  • Management of Anything requires accurate consistent measurement of something. Whitethorn design and deploy Business Performance reporting tools that allows your business to review Business Performance across multiple metrics - Sales, Scan Margin, Waste, Reductions, Wages, Wage Ratio and Profitability Wage Ratio.

  • The Whitethorn DBI will allow you to create a dynamic Profit & Loss for any timeline you require - for last week, or the last 10 weeks - you decide. The DBI also incorporates Department specific tabs that can be shared with store management. The system also allows the store to allocate and manage Sales and Margin budgets and cross reference weekly against store business performance.

  • The Whitethorn DBI uses graphical representations that allow retailers to absorb the relevant information in a timely and informed way.


business intelligence

Whitethorn Retail - Dynamic Business Intelligence

ScreenHunter_14280 Aug. 11 14.05.jpg
ScreenHunter_14281 Aug. 11 14.05.jpg

Sales & Margin Mapping - multiple timelines

ScreenHunter_14282 Aug. 11 14.05.jpg

Wage Costs & Wage Ratio Mapping

ScreenHunter_14287 Aug. 11 14.09.jpg

Customer Count Mapping

ScreenHunter_14284 Aug. 11 14.06.jpg
ScreenHunter_14285 Aug. 11 14.07.jpg



Sales & Margin optimisation and protection

  • Management of Anything requires accurate consistent measurement of something. Whitethorn Retail build an extensive detailed EPOS database that allows forensic analysis of sales and margin movement at the line level.

  • Whitethorn clients know their top 200 lines contributing to margin, sales and waste. This information feeds into the management meeting where destination plans are agreed for sales and margin movement. Importantly, all these work programs are based on appropriate benchmarking against peer stores that matter.

  • Each department is extensively reviewed and the following management metrics are available:

    • Top 20 lines contributing to Sales

    • Top 20 lines contributing to Margin

    • Top 20 lines that have seen the biggest increase in sales year on year

    • Top 20 lines that have seen the biggest decrease in sales year on year

    • Top 20 lines of new products that are selling this year with no sales last year

    • Top 20 lines of old products that were selling last year with no sales this year

    • Top 20 lines contributing to waste and Reduced to Clear

  • Whitethorn can also compare all of the above Top 20 variables against a group of peer stores - this ensures that the sales mix within a store is relevant and aligned to customer needs.

  • Whitethorn also ensure that the EPOS files are fit for purpose - contamination of same can lead to distorted reporting of stock loss - namely unexplained margin variance. 

workforce management

Whitethorn Retail - Workforce Management & Scheduling Workshop

  • Whitethorn Retail are recognised as having pronounced insight into the challenges of workforce management and scheduling. We offer all clients access to our cloud based rostering application, developed through analysing and reviewing in excess of 3,000 store rosters.

  • Whitethorn understand the challenges of rostering and their workforce management and scheduling seminars have allowed stores to realign their roster to the needs of their business without compromising store standards.

  • With wage costs accounting for 50% of the total admin cost base, stores often fail to recognise the impact of slight adjustments to the weekly roster on annualised store profitabilty. A single 1 hour daily adjustment will yield €4,000 increased profits for your business - Whitethorn help stores identify that hour.

  • Roster Management is Change Management - Engaging with staff is critical to the success of any work program. Whitethorn help stores to manage the message.

  • Rostering although often perceived as an administrative chore, is a Tier 1 task within the business - it deserves Tier 1 management bandwidth.

  • Whitethorn ensure that store understanding of legislation is correct - often leading to reductions in total payroll costs. 

  • Whitethorn ensure that there is appropriate positioning and perception of the rostering function when it comes to workforce management and scheduling.

  • The Whitethorn 3 P's of rostering - Preparation, Policing and Payment.

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