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Real Retail Accountants

An Accountant, will tell you how much profit you make

An informed Retail Accountant will tell you how much profit you should be making

A Whitethorn Retail Accountant will work with you and your team, providing appropriate advice and guidance, both financial and retail, that will lead to a business roadmap that ensures your store profitability is maximised 

Our Client Trading Partners


Are you ready to Retail in 2024

The next 12 months are going to test retailers across the country - regardless of format or trading partner.


Inflation & margin erosion, admin costs and in particular wage cost increases, staff shortages, staff retention, recruitment, commercial rate reviews, living wage, sick pay scheme, auto pension enrolment, and store revamp costs on the rise. 

Whitethorn will ensure that your business is on the correct Financial Flightpath.


Whitethorn Retail offer a comprehensive suite of services to retailers

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Complete Back Office

All of your bookkeeping requirements are managed by a fully qualified Retail Accoutant. We retrieve electronic invoices from your trading partners, and the paper trail of invoices - you send to us every week - Whitethorn look after it all.

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Roster Management

Whitethorn Retail can support you in ensuring that your roster is aligned to the needs of the business that supports it - all the while ensuring that your department and store wage ratios are aligned to industry norms. Knowing what your wage ratio is is one thing, knowing what it should be is an entirely different matter.

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Management Accounts

The Whitethorn Business Management team are all fully qualified Accountants - perhaps more importantly they are Retail Accountants - management accounts are prepared and interpreted on a schedule that works for you and your business.

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Banking Partner & Trading Partner Business Case Preparation

Progressive retailers have store redevelopment programs - ensuring that their business is relevant, and resonating with customer needs and expectations. These plans must also consider financial planning to ensure that any investment is sensible and yielding an appropriate return. If you need support in building the business case for a loan, Whitethorn can help.

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Payroll Bureau

Whitethorn can manage all of your store's payroll requirements - this will include your P30 submission and EFT Transfer of payroll to employee accounts. Whitethorn will also manage the payslip transfer to your employees.

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Business Intelligence

The Whitethorn DBI (Dynamic Business Intelligence) is sent to stores weekly - this allows a review of all primary measures to ensure that they are aligned to the store's financial flightpath - Sales, Scan Margin, Waste, Reductions, Wage Costs, Wage Ratio and Indicative EBITDAR. 

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